DOT Drug/Alcohol Program

Company Info.

Bob Bartley Electric, Inc. is a small family-owned electrical construction and maintenance corporation specializing in the oilfield, industrial and commercial sectors. The company performs many diverse electrical functions within these sectors. We specialize in troubleshooting and control wiring for large motors, small motors and submersible pumps. We perform power line construction as well as setting and installing transformer banks. We have experience working in water flood projects, general oilfield maintenance and construction as well as primary and secondary recovery. We also have experience working in gas plants, asphalt plants, cement plants, sand plants, water treatment plants and rock quarries. Experience gained while working for Bob Bartley Electric, Inc. would qualify an individual to work anywhere in the world as long as they have been diligent enough to obtain their unlimited electrical journeyman's license. Bob Bartley Electric, Inc. offers a friendly atmosphere in which work along with offering the same or better benefits of a larger corporation.

Contact Info.

Bob Bartley: 405-831-9541
Dera Clark: 405-831-9542
Donna Clark: 405-831-7673

Office: 405-756-2091
Fax: 405-756-8381

Bob Bartley, Vice President- bbartley@bartleyelectric.com
Dera Clark, Manger of Operations- dclark@bartleyelectric.com
Donna Clark, President- dbartley@bartleyelectric.com
Destini Stewart, AR - accountsreceivable@bartleyelectric.com
Kandis Barnes, Drug & Alcohol- admin@bartleyelectric.com
Dallas Socall, AP - accountspayable@bartleyelectric.com
Information Desk - info@bartleyelectric.com

Physical Address-12025 MacArthur Ave Lindsay, OK 73052
Mailing Address-P.O. Box 621 Lindsay, OK

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